Based in Noosa, Australia – Planting a tree for each item sold – Dedicated to repairing the WILD via conservation projects.

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My story.

Hi guys.

My name is Katie, the founder of WILD THE LIFESTYLE CO. WILD has been on a wild journey. First I started an eco fashion label called Eco Bling where I handmade accessories from recycled materials. That was fun. It took me all over the world where I got to create huge pieces for runways. Soon enough a realisation, one I had from the beginning to be honest, caught up with me.

Is what I am doing really making a difference? Am I doing what I set out to do? In short the answer was a very confronting NO.

I started to look into what was NEEDED in the world, versus what was wanted. I used my own life as an experiment to live low impact. Then I came across the concept of zero waste living. Far out it was hard and everything seem to be super ugly. I didn’t want to look like a teenage hippie, I didn’t want to sacrifice style for sustainability. Why couldn’t I have both?

After a few months of exploring the areas of my life I could change I started thinking where are all the one-stop zero waste living shops? I don’t want to drive around or order from a bunch of different places. It defeats the purpose of trying to be environmentally friendly.

WILD THE LIFESTYLE CO started to emerge and Eco Bling started to dissolve. It wasn’t until after a trade show where I was selling bulk accessories did it really hit me that what I was doing with Eco Bling missed the point. Sure I was planting trees and had good intentions BUT I was bringing unnecessary things into the world. In a world filled to the brim with unnecessary things I didn’t want to contribute any more. I pulled the plug on Eco Bling before I had fully set up WILD, but that didn’t matter. Authenticity was more important.

I quickly researched what people were happy to exchange for reusable items and ordered up pieces. I was surprised to find that designers were pricing for wholesale which made the end product really expensive. So I ditched wholesale and decided to make zero waste living stylish and affordable.

Now I am committed to making WILD a huge success so I can fund my philanthropic goals as well as continue to plant a food tree in African food forests for each piece sold.

If not now, when? If not you, who?