3 Pack Cotton Mesh Produce Bags

3 Pack Cotton Mesh Produce Bags


These plastic-free cotton mesh bags, that come as a 3-pack (small, medium and large) biodegrade and breakdown unlike “recycled plastic” options that turn into microplastic waste at the end of their life. With see-through mesh for an easy view of what is inside at checkout these reusable product bags are made to last and fund the planting of food forests in vulnerable communities. So stock up!

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3 pack reusable mesh cotton produce bags (small, medium, large) all ready turn your shopping experience into an eco experience to envy.

All natural materials that are super lightweight with a cotton drawstring to keep your goodies nice and safe during transit.

Whether you’re going to the markets, supermarket or smuggling snacks into the movies, these bags will have you covered for all situations. Why not use some for storage around the same too.

Easily see what you have your bags at the check-out as the mesh is see-through. You can easily pop these into the wash if they get grubby.

Packaged in made from unbleached, compostable and 100% post-consumer recycled paper. So no harm done!

Not made from nasty chemicals and no chemical leaching from “recycled” PET (plastic). These produce bags will compost at the end of their life, which unlike recycled plastic options which continue to last thousands of years and end up adding to the microplastic problem the world is facing.