Eco Toothbrushes – 5 pack

Eco Toothbrushes – 5 pack


This eco bamboo toothbrush bulk pack is another super fab addition to our zero waste living range. Buy a single brush or buy in bulk – either way Captain Planet will be impressed. He said “heeeeeey” by the way, yeah we tight.

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Give your pearly whites the royal treatment. Do your part to keep those evil plastic sticks, commonly mistaken as “normal” toothbrushes, out of landfill, the ocean and nature.

Reducing plastic consumption is one sure way to become Captain Planet’s BFF. These bamboo handle toothbrushes last just as long as other plastic handle toothbrushes. Well, except in landfill where they breakdown about 100,000 times faster.

The packaging can be thrown into the compost bin too. So go ahead and upgrade your status to “SUPER ECO AWESOMENESS”.

Get those around you converted or stock up for the year… you can buy singles too, in case 5 isn’t enough… Just click here.

Wanting some for the family? You can easily write their names on the wood with a marker to differentiate them. Because let’s face it, sharing isn’t always caring.