Glass and Cork Reusable Cup – 8 ounce

Glass and Cork Reusable Cup – 8 ounce


Wrap your lips around this awesome eco reusable cup. Not only does it break even its lifecycle after 15 uses the purchase of it plants a food tree in vulnerable communities which also acts as a carbon sink. Do good, look good, feel good (and it won’t just be the caffeine hit making you feel good).

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This super tough reusable coffee/tea cup is made from tempered glass with a natural cork sleeve and black 100% silicone lid. This cup has all your need daily caffeine needs sorted. It is unisex in design and colour palette and will suit any outfit…

Choose from 8 ounce or 12 ounce… You can even choose our ceramic 12 ounce version or for space efficiency check out our collapsible silicone version.

The cork sleeve is naturally antibacterial and acts as great insulation from the heat of your drink. It is easily removed for when you’re ready to pop the glass in the dishwasher.

Use this cup just 15 times and not only have you broke even its life cycle you have also planted a tree. This tree is a carbon sink for life as well as provides food for vulnerable communities through our plant a food forest program.

This cup is a standard “small” at the coffee shop.

So fill up and keep charging through life like a pro.