Handmade Ceramic Reusable Coffee Cup – 12 ounce

Handmade Ceramic Reusable Coffee Cup – 12 ounce


Get your lips around this beautiful beautiful thing… Unisex, rustic, yet modern. A keep cup that you will have to guard with your life – it is that good. Or just get a couple so the others don’t take yours…

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Ahhhh ceramic reusable coffee cups. There is nothing like holding a natural, warm, hard cylindrical thing in your hands. It brings out our primal side, obviously (yes we lost our filter ages ago). All cups are handmade and therefore no two are exactly the same. Each one has different markings but all are 12 ounce!

This gorgeous rustic keep cup has been crafted by hand on the Sunshine Coast. It was fired at the highest temperature possible. This means they are super tough. Yep, we found this out by dropping the entire box, good news every one of them survived, not even a chip out of them!

Each keep cup comes with a silicone sleeve and lid. Due to the thickness of the clay the temperature doesn’t transmit as much as other thinner (and let’s be real, crappier) versions. Hurray!

We designed these because we believe the process is as eco as we could find. The maker uses solar and refuses to package them. We wrap them up in biodegradable paper and box when posting – not that it needs it, they just don’t break!

So if you’re in the market for a WILD time when drinking your morning coffee/tea/cocktail then look no further and wrap your lips around this… cup.

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