Plastic Free Safety Razor and Extra Razors

Plastic Free Safety Razor and Extra Razors


Save money and avoid plastic with our safety razors. And PLEASE read below because I nearly broke my brain trying to figure that out…

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OK, you already know that reducing plastic consumption, e.g. disposable razors, is a good thing. So, let’s talk investment.

If one safety razor comes with 10 double sided blades this equates to 20 disposable razors.

A 5 pack of disposable razors can cost around $10, but let’s say you get the cheap $8 ones. This equals a value of $32 for 20 razors. BUT once you’re done with these they are gone. Done and dusted. Money in the bin.

Just say you use a razor one a week, over a year you’re spending $83.20 on disposable razors (and adding 52 bits of plastic to the world). When you buy a safety razor not only are you saving 52 pieces of plastic you’re also saving MONEY!

With a years supply of extra razors, that is a an extra 7 packets at $2 = $14 = $14 + $49.95 (cost of safety razor with blades) it come to $63.95, that is a saving of $19.25. Now multiply that by however many years you want to continue shaving…… SAVINGS CHA CHING!! DOLLA DOLLA YO! And you get to save the planet (YAY) so what are you waiting for? My brain is fried now, I’m out.


P.S. Don’t freak out, you use them just the same as a disposable razor. You don’t need the skills of a ninja or samurai warriors to avoid bleeding out. You can even use it on all the bits the sun never sees, just use it like you’d use a disposable razor. Or there is always wax… aka paste of dread and woe….